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28 February 2018Reading Pictures, Colour and Visual Illusions. Are you Visually Literate?

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Reading Pictures, Colour and Visual Illusions. Are you Visually Literate? John Ericson Wednesday 28 February 2018

We live in an increasingly visual environment but how well and how accurately do we interpret our visual world?

The day is made up of three interrelated sessions, the first examines the concept of visual literacy and attempts to demonstrate, through interaction with the audience, how we can all become more visually literate. When we view an image we make two assumptions; first, that what we see is what others see and second that what we see, is the way it is! Both of these assumptions can easily be shown to be wrong.


The second session examines visual illusions. What they are and how and why they mislead us. We shall examine a number of illusions and consider whether some should be thought of as works of art in their own right. Some images will amuse, some will confound and yet others will challenge your self belief.


The third lecture is devoted to an exploration of colour. The session is built on the premise that our appreciation of colour and how we see it, is at the very core of our common interest in art and the arts.


But what is colour? Do we all experience colour similarly? What is a colour scheme and why do some colours go well together and others not?

What is colour blindness? What’s it like to be colour blind?

About the lecturer

Formerly a lecturer at the University of Bath and Director of Studies in the School of Education, John has also worked extensively overseas as an educational consultant. This has given him the opportunity to give lectures and presentations to conferences all over the world. . In his professional life he has developed a particular interest in presentation skills including the role of pictures in learning and the appropriate use of PowerPoint As well as the talks he has developed from his professional background, he offers presentations on an eclectic range of topics from antique corkscrews to Norman Rockwell; these derive from his diverse interests and enthusiasms.

Start time: Coffee at 10:00am for 10:30am start